The Story Behind MK Chiang Rai TOUR


During the years we always have invited friends and relatives for Golf and Culture visits to our Chiang Rai. But, in order to pursue it on a larger scale we contacted Sunbirdie that already had thoughts of establishing their business in Chiang Rai. Now, since five years, we have collaborated and it's really inspiring and fun to show off our Chiang Rai and meet lots of new nice people!

We, me and my husband, want to promote Chiang Rai for both golfers and other people and bring information about the Chiang Rai province. About golf, culture, the native people and all variety of activities you have the possibility to experience here, and more.  

So, if you feel for a nice and different golfing experience, in the mythical Golden Triangle, come here. You will not regret it.

Welcome to Chiang Rai!

M and Kenneth




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