Culture in Chiang Rai

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Doy Din Dang Pottery Chiang Rai

Doy Din Dang Pottery

 We have the artists in White Temple and in Black Village and now we find another great artist here in Chiang Rai. It is Somluk Pantiboon who is a ceramic artist and before he sat up his pottery outside Chiang Rai he was trained in Japan by the master potter Nakazato Tarouemon in Kyushu. This...
Artbridge Chiang Rai

Artbridge in Chiang Rai

ArtBridge is a non-government funded community-based artist collective that seeks to further nurture and support the arts within Thailand. Located in Chiang Rai conveniently next to the airport, visitors and locals alike can enjoy all that ArtBridge has to offer. Featuring a large gallery space,...
OubKham Museum in Chiang Rai

OubKham Museum in Chiang Rai

The name of the museum is derived from an "oub" or woven bamboo basket pasted with gold (Thongkham) leaves. The museum features the local ethnic way of life, going back to the old days, to the reign of the Kings of Lanna. The display of many rare antiquities has won the museum honors as one of the...
Black Village (Baan Dam) in Chiang Rai

Black Village in Chiang Rai

Black Village is created by a Thai artist, probably Thailand’s most accomplished and respected artists, Thawan Duchanee.  He has built 25 northern-style buildings in a beautiful park of 40 acres.  As a visitor vrote "The museum is not really a museum in a boring sense. It is a cluster of...